Vitamins and Supplements for Women

How long does it take for vitamins and supplements for women to start working or be effective?

It really depends on what supplement you are taking, the dosage, and your system (how your body processes the supplement). With certain supplements, such as multivitamins or fish oil, you may not necessarily feel any different, however taking these products helps correct deficiencies, ensures that your nutritional needs are met and may help to protect against certain chronic diseases. In comparison to pharmaceutical drugs, vitamins and supplements for women are typically very gentle on your system and as such require a longer period of consecutive use for optimal results. With herbal products that are taken therapeutically, such as Menopause Relief which contains Black cohosh, you may start to notice benefits (relief of menopause symptoms) in a few weeks. Since everyone is different and every herbal remedy is different there is no one answer to the amount of time a vitamin or herbal remedy will take for noticeable results.  With femMED products we recommend 3-4 weeks of consecutive use for best results.

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