Get your free vitamin D while the sun is high and your shadow, short.

Depending on your age and color of your skin, choose the length of time with an exposed body part to maximize daily Vitamin D production. Some studies say short exposure each day over the hottest days in the summer will produce enough vitamin D for the whole year, but in the winter there is always cod liver oil or vitamin D supplementation.

Determine the length of time needed based on the following estimates:

the lightest: newborn 5 minutes, child 10 minutes, teen 15 minutes, adult 20 minutes
the darkest: 30 minutes for newborn, 1 hour for a child, 1.5 hours for a teen, adult 2 hours

natural oils on your skin are needed for the conversion of cholesterol to vitamin D so leave skin unwashed for 20 minutes before and after sun exposure

Rotate the exposed part each day maximum for skin cancer prevention.

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