Natural Relief for Hot Flashes

What is your opinion about Maca powder or Macafem for natural relief for hot flashes

and other menopause symptoms?

Maca is a Peruvian root vegetable used both as food and medicine It is widely marketed for improving male and female sexual function, fertility and menopause, however, at present there is no reliable evidence that it actually provides any benefits at all. Most of the evidence for maca comes from animal studies. Until proper clinical studies are conducted in humans it is hard to know the potential benefits and risks of this product.

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Natural Remedies for Menopause

Natural Remedies for Menopause

Yes, some women have an easier time with menopause than others but does anyone get away scot-free?  My mom and I have had several conversations on the topic – mostly me asking questions to avoid being ill-prepared, ill-informed or worse, misinformed!  She did, however tell me that my grandmother was one of the lucky ones.  She lost her period and that was that.  No flashes, no night sweats, no weight gain, no mood swings, no anxiety, no hair loss, no fatigue, no itchy skin, no burning tongue, NO NOTHING!  Well! This information came as a huge surprise to me and catapulted me into an extensive fact finding (more like fact proving) mission that occupied many hours of my days and now has become my lifelong work.   Here’s what I know now:

Menopausal symptoms effects roughly 85% of women and to set the record straight, in all, there are 34 reported symptoms of menopause.  Clearly the number of symptoms and the severity will be different among individual women, and also among women in different cultures and in different parts of the world.  But women who have joined the sisterhood of menopause are not alone – For the next 20 years, an estimated 40 million North American female baby boomers will experience menopause, and women today are past the point of being told to “just suffer through it”.

Take control of it, before IT takes control of you.

So how does one begin to take control?  Well for starters, get educated.  Take the time to read and understand the changes that your body is (or will be) going through.  Generally people deal better with things that don’t come as a surprise.  Don’t ignore “intuitive” treatments.  Dress in layers, buy a small inexpensive hand held fan and turn down the furnace.  Also avoid food s that are known to trigger a flash – like spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol.   Add foods that contain “phytoestrogens” — like soy, flax, certain beans, peas and lentils – natural remedies for menopause may also help to reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.  It goes without saying that good nutrition and regular physical exercise is a critical component to improved overall health.

Having a positive mind-set has a lot to do with how well a woman adjusts to menopause. If it is viewed as a catastrophic end to youth, fertility and sexuality, it can cause major disruptions in one’s life, and force the temptation to “solve” the problem with treatment options that falsely promise eternal youth.  There are many natural remedies for menopause available.  Look for menopause supplements that are a comprehensive blend of ingredients which includes Black Cohosh and Dong Quai, both which have been shown to tremendously help provide menopause relief.  The risks and rewards of hormone replacement therapy should be carefully considered before undertaking this protocol.  Many women do very well using natural remedies for menopause treatment.  If menopause is seen as the natural transition to the next phase of life, it can not only be readily accepted and more easily handled, but also a liberating rite of passage.

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I swear I’ll swear more during perimenopause

Now this is going to sound weird to some people but… I’ve tapered off my swearing over the past several years. I left the advertising world – FYI if you’ve working in advertising you’ll know that swearing is commonplace (actually its mandatory) – then I had a baby – FYI you’re not supposed to swear in front of your child.

Anyhoo, I’ve noticed all these health problems since then and I’ve realized that I no longer have my most favorite release… the “F” world.

To me there is nothing more satisfying than the immediate and emphatic release of a good swear word. But alas, I no longer have the appropriate place or audience to provide me with this release.

I can’t do it at home because my daughter is there and my nanny would probably grab her purse and quit in fear.

I can’t do it at work because I work in a children’s hospital and, although I’ve never actually read it in the employee handbook, I’m guessing swearing is frowned upon.

So when I get frustrated I end up clenching my jaw and getting a headache. Normally spewing out a sentence with about 2 or 3 swear words in it would release the bad energy and I could move on very quickly. Now… well… I just get hives and a headache. Did I mention my face is breaking out lately and I’m about this close to wanting to smoke.

I’m really not sure why society has chosen a few words and decided that we shouldn’t say them. Clearly we want to say them. We do say them. And it feels so good to say them. Society let’s us do many other things that are far worse. So I say LET ME SWEAR. I NEED IT. IT MAKES ME A MORE FUNCTIONAL PERSON.

Seriously. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I don’t even eat red meat for God’s sake AND I recycle. At least let say #@*@ just as often and emphatically as Tony Soprano. I don’t ask for much.

I’m not at all a violent person, so a punching bag won’t do it for me. And don’t tell me to meditate because I’ll snap. Perimenopause is a hard enough time to get through. You can take away my coffee, my alcohol and my waistline, but you’re not taking the “F” word from me. No, that’s where I draw the line.

Who’s with me?

Sara has spoken.

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Is cheapness a symptom of my perimenopause?

Sometimes I’m so cheap. Can I blame that on hormones too?

I used to think I was frugal. Now it’s just plain cheapness.


Know how I know? I cut my own hair. Yup I do. I also do my own nails – I just don’t understand paying to have someone paint my nails – but I digress…

I started cutting my hair in highschool. I’m actually pretty good, if I do say so myself. I’ve even cut the hair of a few brave friends -OK, mostly guys who didn’t care how it turned out.

But now I have a pretty nifty blunt, bob do and it’s tricky to cut while backwards with two mirrors.

Anyhoo, today I realized that I need a haircut. I contemplated getting the mirrors out and then I stopped myself. I broke down and made an appointment at the salon.

Have I become so complacent, so comfy, so tired, that I don’t even care if my hair looks like I cut it backasswards in the mirror?

I once told a girlfriend of mine to kill me if I ever got that way. (Hello J.C. I’m talking to you).

Well that was me as of this morning. But as of this afternoon things will change.

Time for me to pull it together. Bring back the Me who cared a little more.

Hmm, I may even colour it too…

Until next time.

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