Top Ten Reasons Why Sex Is Good For You

For many women, it may take more than roses and candlelight to get their engines started. Approximately 40% of women experience low sexual desire at some point. This may be a primary condition (a woman never felt much sexual desire) or secondary condition (a woman used to have sexual desire, but no longer has interest). Not surprising, having more sex actually helps boost your libido and having sex comes with a whole host of benefits, for both men and women:

  1. Sex relieves stress.
  2. Sex boosts immunity.
  3. Sex burns calories.
  4. Sex improves heart health.
  5. Sex boosts self-esteem.
  6. Sex improves intimacy.
  7. Sex reduces pain.
  8. Sex reduces prostate cancer risk.
  9. Sex strengthens pelvic floor muscles.
  10. Sex improves sleep.
So the next time you’re not “in the mood” remember these benefits and like Nike says…Just Do It.
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