Tips for Spicing Up Your Sex Life-Tip # 3

Tip # 3

Use a lubricant.

Lack of proper lubrication during intercourse can cause irritation, infections and can be generally uncomfortable. Even if you have adequate natural lubrication, the extra slipperiness afforded by a water-based lubricant can be highly arousing for women and their partners! And, be bold – try one of the warming, scented or flavoured lubricants to really add some heat to the bedroom!

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Tips for Spicing Up Your Sex Life-Tip # 2

Tip # 2

Get to know your own body, sexually.

Self-stimulation or, yes ladies we’re going to say it, masturbation can be an excellent way for a woman to develop a good understanding of the types of stimulation she finds arousing. Knowing what type of stimulation you enjoy most and how to bring yourself to orgasm will help ensure that you can help  your partner. Believe it or not, most men like a woman who knows what she wants and how she wants.

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Tips for Spicing Up Your Sex Life-Tip # 1

For the remainder of August we will be providing tips for ramping up your sex life. If any ladies (or men) out there have any other ideas, please share with the rest of us.

Tip # 1 

If your sex drive isn’t what is used to be, speak with your doctor.

Whether you believe you have an underlying medical condition that is causing your loss of libido, or simply need someone to listen to your woes, talk to your doctor about your sex life. Make a list of any questions you have in advance, communicate all your concerns and be sure to share all factors that could play a role in your declined sex drive – from relationship issues to changes in your physical health.

A medical and/or naturopathic professional can test for, and treat, potential underlying illnesses or physiological causes of low libido. If you are prescribed medications, be sure to discuss possible sexual side effects. Sometimes, an equally effective medication can be prescribed that has fewer (or no) sexual side effects.

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Is frequency of orgasm linked to longer life?

Early evidence says yes. For the last twenty years Howard S. Friedman and his colleqeaus have been conducting a study entitled, The Longevity Project, the findings of which were recently published in Secrets of Longevity: The self-healing personality and The Longevity Project.

Dr. Friedman, Ph.D., a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California, followed 672 women and 856 men through their lives and deaths.

As part of their study, they looked into the frequency at which each participant had sex, their overall sexual satisfaction, frequency at which they reached orgasm and their overall marital happiness, and ultimately the age at which each participant deceased.

With this information in hand, the researchers were able to relate overall sexual satisfaction with longevity of life.

The results of the study were shocking.

According to Howard S. Friedman and his team of researchers, those women with a higher frequency of achieving orgasm during intercourse lived longer than women will less satisfying sex lives!

Ladies, don’t get too excited!

Not surprisingly there has been very little research done in the area of female sexual satisfaction corresponding with living longer. Other factors such as overall marital happiness, lifestyle choices and family history surely play a role. That said, if Friedman’s results are even the slightest bit accurate, there’s never been a better reason to dust off the lingerie, awaken your libido and get busy!

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What is a normal female sex drive?

According to Kelli Young, an occupational therapist, sex therapist, and group psychotherapist “There really is no such thing as “normal” female sex drive. Women vary greatly in their desire for sex. What is important is a woman’s own subjective experience of the sex she is having, or not having. In medical terms, low sex drive, or “hypoactive sexual desire disorder” is defined as a persistent or recurrent lack of sexual fantasies, thoughts, and/or interest in sexual activity that causes personal distress.”

A woman’s libido is controlled by hormones, nerves, blood supply, and stimulation, both physical (e.g. touch) and psychological (e.g. fantasy or imagery). Problems or deficiencies in any of these systems can negatively affect a woman’s sexual satisfaction and in turn her desire for sex. Low libido can result when a woman is having difficulties becoming aroused. If a woman is not adequately aroused, she is unlikely to reach the sexual peaks necessary to trigger orgasm and the sense of relaxation that often follows.

Lack of arousal can be caused by or associated with insufficient vaginal lubrication, which can in turn lead to vaginal irritation or pain, and may even trigger vaginal or urinary tract infections. When sex is unfulfilling or painful, a woman is unlikely to desire it, and may begin to avoid it.

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